Talon Reduction 25%

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*Gears in process. OUT OF STOCK. ETA approx 4/20. 

**Please email us for install instructions, pictures, and updated wait times.

 We offer this reduction kit two ways. There is a "Customer Core" option ($1400) where the customer sends in their own core parts (clutch hub and rear cover spacer) to be modified. THIS MEANS YOU HAVE TO SEND YOU STOCK PARTS IN UPFRONT. This is the cheaper option but will require down time due to shipping core parts in and modification process.

The second option "RBM Core" ($2500) is a complete kit ready to install using new core parts. The RBM core option costs more upfront but you will have your original core parts left over if you wish to return the machine back stock later. Also there is no downtime as you will have everything needed to do the install when you tear your machine down. 

Talon kits include detailed instructions, gaskets, o-rings and ES modules. A small amount of engine case cutting in two areas (performed by installer) is required for fitment of the larger clutch gear.

**The ES modules must be programmed on the machine after install. Please email us for instructional video on how to program.

If you're machine has an aftermarket tune you will need a new reduction-specific tune to correct shifting/clutch parameters after reduction or you may need to restore the factory tune for drivability. 

This kit requires a NDA electronic signature.