Pioneer 1000 Reduction 25%

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*All reduction orders come with a free Promotional T-shirt. Please include your shirt size in the notes of your order (M, L, XL or 2XL). Purchase an additional shirt:

**Wait times vary depending on workload, these kits are made to order.

Kit will include reduction gears, gaskets, and machining of rear cover spacer (sent in upfront). A small amount of case cutting in two small areas (performed by installer) is required for fitment of the larger clutch gear. **Customer MUST send in cores upfront (rear cover spacer and bare clutch hub) for modification. The reduction will disable wide-open-throttle shifting in auto mode due to the change in RPM@speed readings. If you wish to correct wide open auto shifting a PV3 and/or custom ECM tuning is required. However, tuning is not absolutely necessary for drivability on the P1K.

If you're machine has an aftermarket tune you will need a reduction-specific tune to correct shifting/clutch parameters after reduction or restore the factory tune. Please email us for install instructions, pictures, and updated wait times. 

This reduction kit requires and NDA electronic signature.