Pioneer 1000 Reduction 25%

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This is our 25% primary reduction which will reduce all gears by 25%. Going from stock size tires to 33" tires gears the machine up higher by 22% so this reduction will put you back to stock gearing on 33's. This kit is also ideal if you're running a tire size between stock and 33's and desire lower than stock gearing for mud riding, rock crawling or easier towing. You will not necessarily experience much top speed loss depending on your tire size. On stock size tires with reduction the P1K runs 52-53 mph in high range. Generally speaking for each additional inch of tire height you can expect about a 2 to 2.5mph gain in speed IF the machine was geared correctly or had the extra power necessary to pull the larger tires effectively. For example a P1k with 30" tires and reduction will run about 60-61mph in high. With a 32" tire and 25% reduction (no tuning) the Pioneer runs 64-65mph. 

**Please email us for install instructions and pictures.

We offer this reduction kit two ways. There is a "Customer Core" option ($1200) where the customer sends in their stock core parts (clutch hub and rear cover spacer) to be modified. THIS MEANS YOU HAVE TO SEND YOUR STOCK PARTS IN UPFRONT. We have a 2-day turnaround to get you back riding as quickly as possible!

The second option "RBM Core" ($2300) is a complete kit ready to install using new Honda core parts. The RBM core option costs a bit more as the Honda core parts are pricey but you will have your original core parts left over if you wish to return the machine back stock later. Also there is no downtime as you will have everything needed to do the install when you tear your machine down. 

Kits include detailed instructions, gaskets and o-rings. A small amount of engine case cutting in two small areas (performed by installer) is required for fitment of the larger clutch gear. The reduction will disable wide-open-throttle shifting in auto mode due to the change in shaft speed readings. If you wish to correct wide open auto shifting a PV3 and/or custom ECM tuning is required. However, tuning is not absolutely necessary for drivability on the P1K.

If you're machine has an aftermarket tune you will need a reduction-specific tune to correct shifting/clutch parameters after reduction or restore the factory tune. We have had excellent results with and highly recommend FCP Tuning(Florida Cracker Performance) located in Odessa FL.