420/500/520 Clutch Freeplay Bolt "Fix"

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Fits 2014 and newer 420/500/520 footshift and regular ES. **NOT for DCT(auto+ES) machines. Also available for 07-13 420, 400/450 Foreman and 05-11 500 Foreman. (Please put your machine and year model in the notes). Save yourself from potentially a lot of headache or extra labor cost with our clutch freeplay "Fix". This is a new OE clutch freeplay adjustment bolt with special hardware to keep the bolt from seizing in the clutch cover. If you've delt with many Honda clutches you know these are a pain and 95% of them are stuck when you go to check/adjust your freeplay. A lot of people are unaware of the freeplay adjustment and the proper adjusting procedure. We recommend checking the freeplay every 50-60 hours as the design of the Honda auto-clutch can cause the clutch plates to slip if not adjusted properly which can lead to burnt clutch plates. The freeplay bolt replacement requires removal of the clutch cover which is also part of a primary reduction install process so that's the best time to do it. We include instructions on how to install our "Fix" and properly adjust the freeplay.